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About me

Mgr. Kristýna Rybáčková

Dear clients, how would I describe myself? I am an empathetic, caring, kind and spontaneous soul who loves nature, singing, climbing, all living creatures and dancing to music that is full of energy and emotions. I can create a calm and safe environment as well as a playful, lively space for self-expression. My greatest joy is when we create a space for healing together, when pain can go away and emotions as well as tensions in our body can be released. You, along with me, are your own detectives in finding the way back to balance. 



Beyond physiotherapy.

Through experience to awareness.

Release to feel.

I like to use these three slogans, because they simply describe my therapeutic approach.



I am a trained physiotherapist (master's degree), however life called me to the field of wellness,

where I immersed into the magic of deep relaxation, aromatherapy, massages, and now it further draws me to discover the fields body psychotherapy, therapeutic work with the body, nervous system and body perception. Now I am diving into the world of bioenergetic body psychotherapy, craniosacral biodynamics, dance therapy, breathing techniques from the tradition of Kundalini yoga, etc. I am a person who likes to learn and try new techniques

and then integrates them into their work. As part of physiotherapy, I often perceive that pain is not always just a physical manifestation, but often a call of deeper things for attention - emotions, psychological distress. Therefore, if a person is open and ready to look deeper into himself, repressed emotions can begin to be released, moments of realization can come.

What you dare to let go, can go away.

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Through our body we experience every day. Only a part of the stimuli that affect our system in every minute of our life gets into our consciousness (information from the environment - sound, light, tactile, olfactory, perceptions from our internal organs, etc.). And it's good, otherwise we would be overwhelmed. Our system protects us from being overwhelmed by selecting information that comes to our consciousness. On the other hand, during life we often unconsciously limit our physical perception. Also emphasis is often placed on cognitive experience and less on physical. However, this question is very complex, there are many variables in somatic experiencing. For example, traumatic experiences, when our system protects us from physical, psychological pain, can reduce certain sensitivity etc.

The body remembers everything we experience in our lives, how we treat each other and what we carry through trans-generational transmission. If we learn to pay attention to the body and the sensations in it, through various tools such as movement, touch, breathing techniques, craniosacral biodynamics, dance therapy, body work, body psychotherapy, etc., we can deepen our conscious contact with it and learn what makes us and our body feel good and what does not, what movement, position brings us relief or is more effective for us. Through these techniques, we can also get to the repressed emotions in our body and release them, to the awareness of our behavior patterns, etc.

Through the experience in our physical body, the nervous system learns much better that there are other, new ways. Then it has the opportunity to return to them thanks to the experience. As children, we learned to perceive the world more with our senses and "through the body". Let's return to this perception, and thus to ourselves.  

Image by Christin Hume


I love working with touch. We often carry and accumulate a lot of tension in our body, from an early age, which, according to psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich, is stored as so-called muscular armor in the body, in its various segments. It is related to repressed emotions, self-expression, which can lead to changes in body posture. From the point of view of physiotherapy, muscle tension changes both due to body posture and non-ideal movement loads, illnesses, injuries, etc. And that is why I really like to work with touch, which has the ability to release excess tension in given muscle groups and at the same time work more deeply.

Body and psyche are incredibly closely connected systems. And that connection is our nervous system. Did you know that the skin and the nervous system developed from the same germ layer? Therefore, touch is a very powerful tool and means of direct contact with the human nervous system. And the nervous system is the core of our being. It regulates, stores and coordinates an enormous amount of information. Its central part is responsible, for example, for the function of the hormonal system, the visceral system, reactions to stress, fear (fight, flight, freeze, fawn responses), and the emotional coloring of memory traces. Our entire universe is hidden in it :). And that is why I perceive that work with touch and the body in general is so important. The way to the nervous system is, for example, also breath, meditation and movement.


2015 - 2020

Charles University in Prague – Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, major
Specialization in healthcare - Physiotherapy nMgr.

2010 - 2015

Charles University in Prague – Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, major
Specialization in healthcare – Physiotherapy

2007 - 2010

Gymnázium Botičská, Prague 2 (leaving exam – passed with distinction)

Professional courses and qualifications



2021 - 2022












Kurz Psychomotorický vývoj dětí do 3 let (Mgr. Markéta Brabačová, Fyziomat)

Fascial Manipulation Stecco Level I, II course (Stecco Method, Pietro Logna Prat, PT, Lorenzo Copetti, PT, Julie Ann Day, PT)

Chakra course Breath to freedom - breathing techniques from the tradition of Kundalini yoga (Petra Shakti Kaur)

annual training in Bioenergetic Body- psychotherapy (Paths of transformation, John
Hawken, John G., Sheela) - completed half of the training so far

DNS Fit Kid course (Mgr. Eliška Urbářová, Mgr. Karolína Ptáková)


Course Introduction to Points - Psychotherapy (Biodynamic Body - Psychotherapy) (MUDr. Tomáš Morcinek)

Snoezelen course in theory and practice I, II (Snoezelen MSE Institute, Renata Filatová)


TheraSuit course (Therasuit Method, Izabela Koscielny, USA)


Victory Breath Course - Pranayama, Bastrika, Aum and Lama Breathing Exercises (Gantulga Ganjuur)

Body candle workshop (Harmony in us, Mgr. Ing. Zuzana Erdem)

Chakra Course - Hatha Tantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga (Petra Shakti Kaur)

Educational program Psychosomatic approach in helping professions

(Psychosomatic center Prague s.r.o., MD Karel Saur, Mgr. Jan Dobeš)

Seminar Massage with hot lava stones (Infinit s.r.o., Miluše Mokrejšová)

Manual lymphatic drainage course (Infinit s.r.o., Bc. Malgorzata Fejková)

Children's foot workshop - podology and physiotherapy (physio clinic P Klatovy, PhDr. Petra Vondrašová, Ph.D.)


Physiotherapy in practice course: yoga positions in the practice of a physiotherapist (Rehamil, PhDr. Jitka Malá, Ph.D.)


Cupping training, Aromatherapy massage, Pregnancy massage, Detoxifying honey massage, Head and face massage (Infinit s.r.o., Jana Janoutová)

Voice and breath (CKP Roseta, Mgr. Jana Lewitová)

Functional dynamic stabilization course in the context of developmental kinesiology (SenzaMotorika, Mgr. Barbara Fischerová)

Monoski instructor (Palacky University in Olomouc)

Erasmus program on the Future of Neurorehabilitation (Avans Hohe School, Breda - Holland, 14 days)

The relationship between breathing movements and posture (CKP Dobřichovice, PhDr. Jiří Čumpelík, PhD.)

Paramedic of recovery actions (Czech Red Cross)

Diagnostics I, II, III (Refit massage school)

Massage against cellulite and body shaping (EduSpa College)

Ski Instructor - License "C" (APUL)

Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) (Cambridge ESOL)

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (British Council)

First Certificate in English (FCE) (Cambridge ESOL)

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