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Physiotherapy for adults and children from school age - comprehensive examination (posture, movement patterns, muscle dysbalanceS, joint blockages, etc.) and subsequent therapy. In therapy, I mainly use manual techniques and work with fascia (fascial manipulation according to Stecco), for children with the DNS Fit Kid concept, and also with positions from developmental kinesiology, yoga. Physiotherapy can help you to get rid of pain, change movement habits to more physiological for your body, strengthen the muscle corset, improve flexibility of the body and return to life, e.g. after an injury, surgery. During therapy, I also look for psychosomatic connections and overlaps outside the field of physiotherapy, because I believe that everything we carry with us in life also affects our body.


When we work with the body, we are always working on multiple levels at the same time, even if we don't realize it or don't even feel it at first. If the person in question is open to deeper work, I like to include other techniques with physiotherapy, which go below the surface. They teach us to perceive ourselves more, to discover our mindset, to be aware of the emotions we feel and where we feel them in our body. I myself have been attending dance therapy and craniosacral biodynamics for a long time (I also completed a semester study of this technique as part of my physiotherapy studies), breathing courses, I am interested in body psychotherapy (I started training in bioenergetic body psychotherapy) and work with the nervous system. I also combine my own experiences and experiences with given therapies to my work. If I find that my knowledge in this area exceeds my expertise, I will recommend you colleagues from the fields of psychotherapy, body psychotherapy, craniosacral biodynamics, Somatic Experiencing with many years of training. In therapy, I pay attention to creating a safe space for working with the body and psyche.



I love to work with touch, relaxation, massages. Through touch we connect two human systems (therapist - client) and even if we don't realize it, this contact is very strong and mutual trust is important. The skin is on the surface of our body, it borders us and communicates with our surroundings (using receptors). And it has the same cellular basis as the nervous system. From early childhood, our system communicates with the help of skin  (and other sensory organs), e.g. from the baby through bonding with the mother and creating a bond with her and the world. And so I don't take massage only as a mechanical matter, but a deeper work. Emotions, various memories can appear during massage, and those who feel also the subtle world and its modalities can also perceive them through touch. I like to use 100% natural essential oils during massages (especially from Czech brand Nobilis Tilia). I offer aromatherapeutic relaxation massages of the whole body and especially massage of the soles of the feet, head, neck and face will help you to completely relax and "turn off" the distracted mind and energize the overworked body. I love the sight of you when you are leaving with glowing face and like brand new :). I also massage pregnant women and children, and if you need to relax stiff muscles more deeply, I will apply more pressure and use deeper touch. I combine techniques in different ways according to the given situation and the wishes of the client. I also use cupping, lava stones and quasha.

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